Associate Professor Josephine Bowles

Associate Prof in Biomed Sciences

School of Biomedical Sciences
Faculty of Medicine

Affiliate Principle Research Fellow

Institute for Molecular Bioscience
+61 7 336 53056



  • PhD, The University of Queensland
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours), The University of Queensland


  • Croft, Brittany, Ohnesorg, Thomas, Hewitt, Jacky, Bowles, Josephine, Quinn, Alexander, Tan, Jacqueline, Corbin, Vincent, Pelosi, Emanuele, van den Bergen, Jocelyn, Sreenivasan, Rajini, Knarston, Ingrid, Robevska, Gorjana, Vu, Dung Chi, Hutson, John, Harley, Vincent, Ayers, Katie, Koopman, Peter and Sinclair, Andrew (2018) Human sex reversal is caused by duplication or deletion of core enhancers upstream of SOX9. Nature Communications, 9 1: . doi:10.1038/s41467-018-07784-9

  • Bowles, Josephine, Feng, Chun-Wei, Ineson, Jessica, Miles, Kim, Spiller, Cassy M., Harley, Vincent R., Sinclair, Andrew H. and Koopman, Peter (2018) Retinoic acid antagonizes testis development in mice. Cell Reports, 24 5: 1330-1341. doi:10.1016/j.celrep.2018.06.111

  • Walton, Sarah L., Singh, Reetu R., Little, Melissa H., Bowles, Josephine, Li, Joan and Moritz, Karen M. (2018) Prolonged prenatal hypoxia selectively disrupts collecting duct patterning and postnatal function in male mouse offspring. The Journal of Physiology, . doi:10.1113/JP275918

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Book Chapter

  • Spiller, Cassy M., Burnet, Guillaume and Bowles, Josephine (2017). Mouse fetal germ cell isolation and culture techniques. In Michael Buszczak (Ed.), Germline stem cells Second edition ed. (pp. 173-183) New York, NY, United States: Humana Press. doi:10.1007/978-1-4939-4017-2_13

  • Bowles, Josephine and Koopman, Peter (2015). Retinoic acid and the control of meiotic initiation. In Pascal Dolle and Karen Niederreither (Ed.), The retinoids: biology, biochemistry, and disease (pp. 383-399) New Jersey, NY, United States: Wiley - Blackwell. doi:10.1002/9781118628003.ch17

  • Hargrave, M. R., Bowles, J. and Koopman, P A (2006). In situ hybridization of whole-mount embryos. In Darby, I. and Hewitson, T. (Ed.), In Situ Hybridization Protocols 3rd ed. (Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 326) 3rd ed. ed. (pp. 103-114) Totowa, New Jersey, USA 07512: Humana Press.

  • Bowles, J. and Koopman, P. A. (2004). Gonads-Mullerian Ducts. In Lanza, R.P.; Gearhart, B.L.M.; Melton, D.A.;Pederson, R.; Thomson, M.D.; West and M.D. (Ed.), Handbook of Stem Cells Volume 1 1 ed. (pp. 345-357) USA: Elsevier Academic Oress. doi:10.1016/B978-012436643-5/50042-0

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