Associate Professor David Mudge

Academic Title-Associate Professor

Princess Alexandra Hospital Southside Clinical Unit
Faculty of Medicine


David Mudge is a consultant nephrologist at Princess Alexandra Hospital and visiting nephrologist at Redland Hospital

My research interests are varied and include post-transplant anaemia and iron metabolism, and novel measures of iron status such as hepcidin; improving dialysis outcomes though the implementation of evidence-based guidelines; the investigation of a recently discovered sulfate transporter in patients with kidney stones; kidney disease due to thrombotic microangiopathy (particularly aHUS) and the use of honey to prevent infections in dialysis patients.

I am committed to teaching medical students and young nephrologists, particularly in interventional nephrology and bedside ultrasonography.

Research Impacts

The impact of my research in peritoneal dialysis has been a significant improvement in PD-related infection rates in Australia, which until a few years ago were worse than many other countries in the world. Through a variety of initiatives including a project aiming to improve the use of evidence-based guidelines in clinical practice, we have seen a significant improvement in PD-related infections (particularly peritonitis but also exit-site infections), one of the most significant contributors to peritoneal dialysis technique failure.

In kidney transplantation my research has helped to clarify the role of immune suppressing medications on iron availability and anaemia and has looked at novel ways of measuring iron status in patients with kidney disease as well as better ways of enhancing iron stores in these patients.


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Book Chapter

  • Sharma, Siddharth, Oliver, Kimberley and Mudge, David W. (2013). Advances in antibody-mediated rejection. In Thomas Rath (Ed.), Current issues and future direction in kidney transplantation (pp. 445-462) Rijeka, Croatia: InTech Open. doi:10.5772/54855

  • Bose, Bhadran and Mudge, David (2011). Post-transplant anaemia. In Jorge Ortiz and Jason Andre (Ed.), After the kidney transplant - The patients and their allograft (pp. 195-204) Croatia: Intech Open Access.

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