Dr Scott Ding


School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering
Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology
+61 7 336 53668



  • Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Auckland
  • Master of Engineering, The University of Auckland


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  • Sun, Yong, Qian, Zhen, Luzin, Vladimir, Daniel, William J. T., Zhang, Mingxing and Ding, Shichao (2017). Numerical Investigation of Residual Stresses in Chain-die Formed AHSS U-Channels. In: Thomas M. Holden, Ondrej Muránsky and Lyndon Edwards, International Conference on Residual Stresses 2016: ICRS-10. International Conference on Residual Stresses, Sydney, Australia, (1-6). 3 July - 7 July 2016. doi:10.21741/9781945291173-1

  • Sun, Yong , Qian, Zhen, Shi, Lei , Meehan, Paul A., Ding, Shichao and Daniel, J.T. William (2016). Numerical Investigation of the Permanent Longitudinal Strain and Web-warping in Chain-die Formed AHSS Variable Width Sections. In: Technical Program. The 1st International Conference on Automobile Steel (ICAS2016) The 3rd International Conference on High Manganese Steels ( HMnS2016), At Chengdu, Chengdu, Peoples Republic of China, (581-585). 16-18 November 2016.

  • Sun, Yong, Li, Yaguang, Liu, Zhaobing, Daniel, W.J.T., Li, Dayong and Ding, Shichao (2015). A New Residual Stress Measurement Method for Roll Formed Products. In: Tenth Annual Conference of China Iron and Steel and Baosteel Sixth Annual Conference Proceedings. Chinese Society for Metals (CSM) Steel Conference, China, (). 21-23 October 2015.

  • Sun, Yong, Li, Yaguang, Han, Fei, Liu, Zhaobing, Daniel, W. J. T. (Bill), Li, Dayong, Shi, Lei and Ding, Shichao (2015). The experimental investigation on chain-die forming U-profiled AHSS products. In: Chinese Society for Metals (CSM) Steel Conference, Shanghai, China, (). 21-23 October 2015.

  • Ding, S., Daniel, W. J. T., Yuan, J. and Zhang, Y. (2008). Making roll forming flexible-introduction to Chain forming. In: Yokohama Tube and Pipe 2011 Joint Symposium: Innovative Tube and Pipe Manufacturing and Forming: proceedings. ITA International Conference on Innovations and Technical Realities for Tube and Pipe Production, Pipe Dream India 2008, Osaka, Japan, (335-340). 13 - 14 June 2011.

  • Galakhar, A. S., Meehan, P. A., Daniel, W. J. T. and Ding, S. C. (2007). A method of approximate tool wear analysis in cold roll forming. In: Martin Veidt, Faris Albermani, Bill Daniel, John Griffiths, Doug Hargreaves, Ross McAree, Paul Meehan and Andy Tan, Proceedings of the 5th Australasian Congress on Applied Mechanics (ACAM 2007). 5th Australasian Congress on Applied Mechanics (ACAM 2007), Brisbane, Australia, (703-708). 10-12 December, 2007.

  • Ding, S., Daniel, W. J. T. and Meehan, P. A. (2006). A new relaxation method for roll forming problems. In: J. A. C. Martins, H. C. Rodrigues, J. A. C. Ambrosio and et al., III European Conference on Computional Mechanics: Book of Abstracts. III European Conference on Computional Mechanics Solids, Structures and Coupled Problems in Engineering, Lisbon, Portugal, (536-536). 5-8 June 2006. doi:10.1007/1-4020-5370-3_536

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