Dr Victor Marsh

Honorary Research Fellow

School of Communication and Arts
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Researcher, writer, editor, television producer.

Originally graduated from University of Western Australia, 1967. Awarded PhD University of Queensland 2007. Intervening careers in theatre and television (in Australia and the United States) and a decade as a modern day monk, teaching meditation on behalf of his guru in a dozen countries of the Asia Pacific region.


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Book Chapter

  • Marsh, Victor (2015). Isherwood and the psycho-geography of home. In James J. Berg and Chris Freeman (Ed.), The American Isherwood (pp. 107-120) Minneapolis, MN, United States: University of Minnesota Press.

  • Marsh, Victor (2013). Searching for the ‘home-self’: autobiography and the que(e)rying of ‘religion’. In Luke Gahan and Tiffany Jones (Ed.), Heaven Bent: Australian lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex experiences of faith, religion and spirituality (pp. 76-96) Melbourne, Australian: Clouds of Magellan.

  • Marsh, Victor (2012). Writing the spirit: testimony and the unauthorized voice in the queer spiritual memoir. In Donald L. Boisvert and Jay Emerson Johnson (Ed.), Queer religion: homosexuality in modern religious history (pp. 251-275) Santa Barbara, CA, United States: Praeger.

  • Marsh, Victor (2011). Love matters: Editor's introduction. In Victor Marsh (Ed.), Speak now: Australian perspectives on same-sex marriage (pp. xxvii-xxxii) Melbourne, Australia: Clouds of Magellan.

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