Emeritus Professor Laurence Hergenhan

Emeritus Professor

School of Communication and Arts
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences



  • PhD, University of London
  • DipEd, The University of Sydney
  • MA, The University of Sydney


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  • The Penguin new literary history of Australia. Edited by Bruce Bennett, Laurence Hergenhan, Martin Duwell, Brian Matthews, Peter Pierce and Elizabeth Webby Melbourne, Australia: Penguin Books, 1988.

Book Chapter

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  • Hergenhan, Laurie (2010). The Road to Poor Fellow My Country. In Follett, Roslyn (Ed.), Found in Fryer : Stories from the Fryer Library Collection (pp. 158-159) St Lucia: University of Queensland Library.

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  • Hergenhan, L. T. (2006). Frank Moorhouse in conversation with Laurie Hergenhan. In A. Righetti (Ed.), Theory and Practice of the Short Story: Australia, New Zealand, The South Pacific (pp. 3-22) Itlay: University of Verona.

  • Hergenhan, L. T. (2006). Writing London: Writing to, writing from, writing back, writing.... In T. Barnett, N. Bierbaum, S. Harrex, R. Hosking and G. Tulloch (Ed.), London Was Full of Rooms (pp. 175-182) Adelaide: Lythrum Press.

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