Dr Kurt Knesel

Senior Lecturer

School of Earth Sciences
Faculty of Science
+61 7 336 59779


Dr Kurt Knesel received his PhD from UCLA in 1998.

Dr Knesel's research interests are in the fields of:

  • Igneous and experimental petrology
  • Isotope geochemistry and volcanology
  • Chemical dynamics of magmatic
  • Orogenic and volcanic processes
  • Magmatic differentiation and elemental fluxes at convergent margins
  • Life-cycles of active volcanoes
  • Volcanic hazards, eruption mechanisms & climatic change
His chief research projects are in the areas of:
  • Petrologic and geochemical studies of the Andean Southern Volcanic Zone (with Dr. M. Dungan, University of Geneva)
  • Geochemical and geochronologic studies of granites of the High Himalaya (with Dr. C. Stern, University of Colorado)
  • Geochemical and geochronologic studies of Tertiary volcanism in Eastern Australia (with Dr. P. Vasconcelos, University of Queensland)
  • Investigating magma evolution at explosive volcanoes using crystal isotope stratigraphy Experimental studies of radiogentic isotope systematics during melting in the crust (with Dr. S. Turner, University of Bristol & Dr. J. Davidson University of Durham)
  • Experimental investigation of the rheology and mobility of granitic magma


  • BSc, S.Miss
  • PhD, U.C.L.A


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