Dr Christian Long

HDR Liaison Officer

Graduate School

Honorary Research Fellow

School of Communication and Arts
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
+61 7 344 31172


I was born and raised, with my three sisters, in the suburbs of Chicago. Before going to university I worked at a multiplex cinema, in my local public library, and on the shop floor of Northwest Structural Steel. I was briefly a contract lecturer at UQ, then I taught QUT science and engineering PhD students how to write better, and now I work in the UQ Graduate School as an HDR Liaison Officer.

Research Interests

  • Hollywood cinema
    post-classical Hollywood cinema
  • spatial history
  • infrastructuralism

Research Impacts

My book The Imaginary Geography of Hollywood Cinema, 1960-2000 traces Hollywood cinema’s narrative locations by mapping the popular and critical geography of Hollywood film at the end of the twentieth century. It reveals the regularities and discontinuities in the settings for Hollywood films that American and international audiences most watched and admired. Setting matters in terms of narrative, form, and ideology, and this project seeks to locate the narrative, formal and ideological shifts in Hollywood cinema on the map. By combining complex, historically- and geographically-informed readings of representative (and outlier) films with textual analysis of the changing geographies of production, distribution, and exhibition, I write a new history of not just of the geography of the films that comprise Hollywood cinema, but of the physical locations that define and place the ‘on-screen’ America and American identity. This cartographically-driven approach to film history focuses attention on the changing ways in which filmmakers have used narrative locations to construct “imagined” national and global geographies.


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