Experts in Pharmacology (medical)

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Photo Researcher Organisational Units
Associate Professor Sally Bennett Associate Professor Sally Bennett School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
No image Associate Professor Rowland Cobbold School of Veterinary Science
Professor Mark Davies Professor Mark Davies Royal Brisbane Clinical Unit
Associate Professor Jason Ferris Associate Professor Jason Ferris Centre for Health Services Research
Professor Vicki Flenady Professor Vicki Flenady Mater Research Institute-UQ
Professor Brenda Gannon Professor Brenda Gannon School of Economics | Centre for the Business and Economics of Health
Professor Charles Gilks Professor Charles Gilks School of Public Health | UQ Poche Centre for Indigenous Health
Associate Professor Paul Griffin Associate Professor Paul Griffin Mater Clinical Unit
Dr Sam Hollingworth Dr Sam Hollingworth School of Pharmacy
No image Associate Professor Luke Jardine Mater Clinical Unit
Professor Jeffrey Lipman Professor Jeffrey Lipman Faculty of Medicine
Professor Christopher Maher Professor Christopher Maher Royal Brisbane Clinical Unit
Dr Treasure McGuire Dr Treasure McGuire School of Pharmacy
Ms Leigh McKauge Ms Leigh McKauge School of Pharmacy
Associate Professor David Mudge Associate Professor David Mudge Princess Alexandra Hospital Southside Clinical Unit
Associate Professor Jane Nikles Associate Professor Jane Nikles RECOVER Injury Research Centre | UQ Centre for Clinical Research
Dr Remo Ostini Dr Remo Ostini Rural Clinical School
Professor Michael Roberts Professor Michael Roberts The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute
Professor Jason Roberts Professor Jason Roberts UQ Centre for Clinical Research
Associate Professor Dan Siskind Associate Professor Dan Siskind Princess Alexandra Hospital Southside Clinical Unit | Queensland Brain Institute
Emeritus Professor Maree Smith Emeritus Professor Maree Smith School of Biomedical Sciences
Dr Jacky Suen Dr Jacky Suen Prince Charles Hospital Northside Clinical Unit | School of Biomedical Sciences
Professor Sue Tett Professor Sue Tett School of Pharmacy
No image Dr Haitham Tuffaha Centre for the Business and Economics of Health