Researchers in Anthropology

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Photo Researcher Organisational Units
Associate Professor Sally Babidge Associate Professor Sally Babidge School of Social Science
No image Dr Penny Bailey School of Languages and Cultures
Dr Tim Barlott Dr Tim Barlott School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Associate Professor Katelyn Barney Associate Professor Katelyn Barney Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Engagement) School of Music
Professor Janeen Baxter Professor Janeen Baxter Institute for Social Science Research
Professor Chris Clarkson Professor Chris Clarkson School of Social Science
Dr Alison Crowther Dr Alison Crowther School of Social Science
Dr Allison Fish Dr Allison Fish School of Law | Centre for Policy Futures ARC Centre of Excellence in Quantum Biotechnology
Professor Craig Forrest Professor Craig Forrest School of Law
No image Professor Bronwyn Fredericks Office of the Vice-Chancellor
Associate Professor Stephanie Gilbert Associate Professor Stephanie Gilbert Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
Associate Professor Gerhard Hoffstaedter Associate Professor Gerhard Hoffstaedter School of Social Science
No image Associate Professor Sarah Holcombe Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining
Professor Paul Jagals Professor Paul Jagals Child Health Research Centre
Dr Zannie Langford Dr Zannie Langford School of Agriculture and Food Sustainability
Emeritus Professor Ian Lilley Emeritus Professor Ian Lilley School of Social Science
Dr Liz Mackinlay Dr Liz Mackinlay School of Education
Associate Professor Tiina Manne Associate Professor Tiina Manne School of Social Science
Dr Richard Martin Dr Richard Martin School of Social Science
Dr Jenny Munro Dr Jenny Munro School of Social Science
Dr Andre Pekerti Dr Andre Pekerti School of Business
Dr Stefanie Plage Dr Stefanie Plage School of Social Science
Dr Annie Pohlman Dr Annie Pohlman School of Languages and Cultures
Associate Professor Carl Stephan Associate Professor Carl Stephan School of Biomedical Sciences
Emeritus Professor David Trigger Emeritus Professor David Trigger School of Social Science
Honorary Professor Bernadette Watson Honorary Professor Bernadette Watson School of Psychology
Dr Michael Westaway Dr Michael Westaway School of Social Science
Professor Mark Western Professor Mark Western Centre for Policy Futures
No image Associate Professor Diana Young School of Social Science
Dr Kim de Rijke Dr Kim de Rijke School of Social Science