Researchers in Biological Psychiatry

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Photo Researcher Organisational Units
Dr Roger Bitencourt Varela Dr Roger Bitencourt Varela Queensland Brain Institute | Asia-Pacific Centre for Neuromodulation
Professor Philip Burgess Professor Philip Burgess School of Public Health
Dr Simon Byrne Dr Simon Byrne School of Psychology
Dr Enda Byrne Dr Enda Byrne Child Health Research Centre
Dr Fiona Charlson Dr Fiona Charlson School of Public Health
No image Dr Baptiste Couvy-Duchesne Institute for Molecular Bioscience
Associate Professor Holly Erskine Associate Professor Holly Erskine School of Public Health
Professor Darryl Eyles Professor Darryl Eyles Queensland Brain Institute
Dr Alize Ferrari Dr Alize Ferrari School of Public Health
Associate Professor Meredith Harris Associate Professor Meredith Harris School of Public Health
Dr James Kesby Dr James Kesby School of Biomedical Sciences Queensland Brain Institute
Professor Steve Kisely Professor Steve Kisely Princess Alexandra Hospital Southside Clinical Unit
Dr Fiona Maccallum Dr Fiona Maccallum School of Psychology
Dr Natasha Matthews Dr Natasha Matthews School of Psychology
Professor John McGrath Professor John McGrath Queensland Brain Institute Medical School (Greater Brisbane Clinical School)
Dr Trung Ngo Dr Trung Ngo RECOVER Injury Research Centre
Associate Professor Peter Parry Associate Professor Peter Parry Children's Health Queensland Clinical Unit
Dr Sathish Periyasamy Dr Sathish Periyasamy Queensland Brain Institute
Dr Damian Santomauro Dr Damian Santomauro School of Public Health
Professor James Scott Professor James Scott Child Health Research Centre
Professor Dan Siskind Professor Dan Siskind Queensland Brain Institute | Princess Alexandra Hospital Southside Clinical Unit
Associate Professor Susannah Tye Associate Professor Susannah Tye Queensland Brain Institute
No image Dr Ans Vercammen School of Communication and Arts
Dr David Ward Dr David Ward Centre for Health Services Research
Associate Professor Nicola Warren Associate Professor Nicola Warren Medical School