Researchers in Statistics and Probability

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Photo Researcher Organisational Units
No image Mr Daniel Ahfock Mathematics
Dr Peter Baker Dr Peter Baker School of Public Health
Emeritus Professor Kaye Basford Emeritus Professor Kaye Basford School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
Dr Richard Bean Dr Richard Bean School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
Dr Brigid Betz-Stablein Dr Brigid Betz-Stablein The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute
Dr Darsy Darssan Dr Darsy Darssan School of Public Health
Professor Diane Donovan Professor Diane Donovan Mathematics
Dr Sergio Galindo Torres Dr Sergio Galindo Torres School of Civil Engineering
Professor Geoffrey Goodhill Professor Geoffrey Goodhill Queensland Brain Institute | Mathematics
Emeritus Professor Mark Gould Emeritus Professor Mark Gould School of Mathematics and Physics
Dr Xin Guo Dr Xin Guo School of Mathematics and Physics
Dr Anthony Halog Dr Anthony Halog School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Dr Matthew Holden Dr Matthew Holden Mathematics
Dr Alan Huang Dr Alan Huang Mathematics
Dr Phillip Isaac Dr Phillip Isaac Mathematics
Dr Hamid Khataee Dr Hamid Khataee Mathematics
Professor Dirk Kroese Professor Dirk Kroese Mathematics
Dr Sharon Leemaqz Dr Sharon Leemaqz School of Mathematics and Physics
Associate Professor Katie Makar Associate Professor Katie Makar School of Education
Professor Geoffrey McLachlan Professor Geoffrey McLachlan Mathematics
Dr Ross McVinish Dr Ross McVinish Mathematics
Dr Yousuf Mohammed Dr Yousuf Mohammed The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute
Associate Professor Yoni Nazarathy Associate Professor Yoni Nazarathy Mathematics
Dr Zoltan Neufeld Dr Zoltan Neufeld Mathematics
Dr Hien Duy Nguyen Dr Hien Duy Nguyen Mathematics
Dr Dietmar Oelz Dr Dietmar Oelz Mathematics
Emeritus Professor Philip Pollett Emeritus Professor Philip Pollett School of Mathematics and Physics
Professor Jorgen Rasmussen Professor Jorgen Rasmussen Mathematics
Dr Fred Roosta-Khorasani Dr Fred Roosta-Khorasani Mathematics
Professor Rodney Strachan Professor Rodney Strachan School of Economics
Dr Thomas Taimre Dr Thomas Taimre Mathematics
Dr Slava Vaisman Dr Slava Vaisman Mathematics
Dr Ian Wood Dr Ian Wood Mathematics
Dr Wen-Hsi Yang Dr Wen-Hsi Yang School of Agriculture and Food Sciences | School of Mathematics and Physics
Dr Min Zhu Dr Min Zhu School of Business