Clean fuels for the future: Scale up and optimisation of microalgal oil production and biodiesel synthesis (2009–2012)

Microalgae are highly efficient oil producers that can be cultivated without competing for arable land. Our aim is to advance cultivation of robust locally- adapted Australian algae strains for the production of biodiesel using only solar energy, wastewater and carbon dioxide. The outcomes of this project will be 1. Know-how and IP on cultivation of Australian microalgae species 2. Know- how and IP of efficient biodiesel production from algae 3. A split system technology that addresses the critical issue of maintaining species dominance and continuous high algal oil production 4. An algal biodiesel production module that can be coupled with other industrial processes, such as wastewater clean-up, biogas production and carbon sequestration
Grant type:
ARC Linkage Projects
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    School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
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    Centre for Crop Science
    Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation
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Australian Research Council