Cellular and molecular interactions of rhabdoviruses with their plant hosts and insect vectors (2011–2014)

Rhabdoviruses are important pathogens of humans, vertebrates and plants. Plant rhabdoviruses are transmitted by insect vectors in which they also multiply. In this linkage proposal, interactions of rhabdovirus proteins in both plant and insect cells will be studied using an aphid - plant - rhabdovirus model. Intracellular localisation of the polymerase complex and movement proteins will be determined using live plant cell imaging. Putative functions of these proteins in RNA silencing suppression and cell-to-cell movement will be experimentally validated. This new knowledge will likely reveal novel opportunities to reduce losses from rhabdovirus disease by interference with replication, intercellular movement or gene silencing suppression.
Grant type:
ARC Linkage Projects
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    School of Biological Sciences
    Faculty of Science
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    Centre for Horticultural Science
    Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation
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    School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences
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Australian Research Council