Probing the excited states of organic semiconductor systems with photoinduced absorption spectroscopy (2012–2015)

Organic semiconductors have the potential to revolutionise the design and manufacture of electronic devices such as solar cells, lighting, displays and transistor circuitry because they can be cheaply processed from solution over large area flexible substrates. However, the success of these devices depends upon our understanding of the optical and electronic properties of the materials, which can be challenging when some of the excited states that govern their behaviour cannot be easily observed. The aim of this project is to build a photoinduced absorption spectroscopy system to probe the excited states in the next generation of organic semiconductors giving critical insight into materials and device performance.
Grant type:
ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award
  • UQ Amplify Fellowship
    School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences
    Faculty of Science
Funded by:
Australian Research Council