Cell line development for the biologics plant of the future (2012–2014)

Large complex proteins called `Biologics¿ are an exciting new class of human therapeutics. The production of such proteins requires that the DNA coding for the protein is incorporated into mammalian cells, which are then grown in bioreactors to produce clinical amounts of the protein. DSM Biologics is a global company with extensive experience in the production of clinical grade biologics. DSMB has agreed to be the partner in a new biologics scale-up facility under construction in Brisbane. This project will link the mammalian cell line development expertise existing in AIBN with DSMB¿s expertise in biologics production.
Grant type:
Queensland Government Smart Futures Research Partnerships Program
  • Professorial Research Fellow
    Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology
Funded by:
Queensland Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation