Unravelling the geodynamics of eastern Australia during the Permian: the link between plate boundary bending and basin formation (2013–2016)

Sedimentary basins that host large energy resources formed in eastern Australia during the early Permian. Simultaneously, tight bends (oroclines) formed in the adjacent subduction-related mountain belt. The fundamental geodynamics controlling these processes is poorly understood. This project will combine paleomagnetic, sedimentological and structural investigations to unravel the Permian paleogeography and plate kinematics of eastern Australia. Using new data on paleolatitudes, block rotations and magnetic fabric, we will link, for the first time, the process of oroclinal bending in eastern Australia with backarc extension. Outcomes will contribute to the understanding of continental deformation and the evolution the Australian continent.
Grant type:
ARC Discovery Projects
Funded by:
Australian Research Council