Advancing the science of willpower: Investigating the mechanisms and processes of self-control (ARC Discovery Project administered by Curtin University) (2013–2015)

Willpower or `good¿ self-control has been shown to be implicated in many adaptive outcomes such as success at school and the workplace, cohesive personal relationships, good health, and reduced susceptibility to social ills (e.g., drug abuse, criminality). The aim of this project is to investigate the key mechanisms that underpin `good¿ self-control. Using methods from behavioural science, it will examine the role of oral glucose as an important influence on self-control capacity and identify brain regions associated with this effect. An understanding of self-control mechanisms is important as it will inform interventions to promote `good¿ self-control and adaptive outcomes.
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Curtin University of Technology
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Curtin University of Technology