Australian access to and operation of advanced synchrotron radiation facilities at the Photon Factory (ARC LIEF Administered by Australian National University) (2009–2010)

Funding is sought for a two-year extension of the very successful Australian National Beamline Facility program at the Photon Factory, Japan. To enable the successful continuation and completion of ARC funded projects, uninterrupted access to this established beamline is required until beamlines at the Australian Synchrotron (AS) are fully functional. Thereafter, additional and complementary capacities are required to accommodate a projected two-fold oversubscription and enable AS beamlines to be most efficiently used for the true cutting-edge experiments for which they were designed. This short-term extension further serves as a bridging capability as the community-driven design and construction of an enhanced AS beamline progresses.
Grant type:
Australian National University
Funded by:
Australian National University