Events through time: eruptions, extinctions, impacts, orebodies and orogenies - upgrading the national argon geochronology network (ARC LIEF Grant administered by ANU) (2011–2012)

ANU and the John de Laeter Centre (WA) emerge as national equipment concentrations, with depth, breadth and high levels of technical support. Here we seek to establish a joint facility with two mass spectrometers to replace aged and obsolete equipment, to service a growing and diversifying research community focused on establishing precise correlation of events through time. We will establish calibrations between laboratories, and between biological, U-Pb, and Ar-Ar time scales, examining the architecture of ancient tectonic environments, and the resource deposits they contain. The upgraded joint facility will provide data we need to understand the history of eruptions, extinctions, impacts, orebodies and orogenies through time.
Grant type:
ARC LIEF Collaborating/Partner Organisation Contributions
Funded by:
University of Queensland