The development and application of a conceptual and statistical framework for the measurement of non-market factors affecting social inequality and social wellbeing. (2007–2009)

Australian society has witnessed some new and relatively unexplored patterns of social inequality that have differentially impacted on the social well-being of regions, localities and particular social groups. An important consequence is that existing measures of economic resources that are used to assess the impact of social change are now less suitable. This project will provide a coherent conceptual and statistical framework to measure various non-market factors relevant for the assessment of social well-being. This framework will be applied to the collection and analysis of survey data across regions and localities to arrive at a synthetic measure of social well-being. '',
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ARC Linkage Projects
  • Honorary Associate Professor
    School of Political Science and International Studies
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
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    Institute for Social Science Research
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
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Australian Research Council