Exiting homelessness and sustaining housing (2015–2018)

The project aims to produce evidence and to provide theoretical and policy relevant knowledge about what people do to exit chronic homelessness and sustain housing. Generating knowledge and developing strategies to end homelessness and to realise positive life outcomes for highly marginalised people is an enduring theoretical, policy and substantive question. By closely engaging with people with experiences of homelessness, and the people that provide them with services and housing, the research will gather firstperson accounts of people¿s actions and motivations to generate practice and policy relevant knowledge to help reduce homelessness and improve wellbeing, social and economic participation for excluded individuals.
Grant type:
ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award
  • ARC Future Fellow
    School of Social Science
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
    Affiliate Academic
    Institute for Social Science Research
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Funded by:
Australian Research Council