The reptile-mammal jaw transition as revealed by 3D imaging, embryology, and computational biomechanics... (ARC Discovery Project administered by The University of New England) (2015–2017)

The extraordinary transformation of the mammalian middle ear through biomechanical 're-tooling' of the ancestral reptilian jaw joint, also recapitulated in mammalian development, yielded the greatly improved feeding and hearing efficiency that are key to the mammalian success story. Building on recent methodological advances, this project will employ cutting-edge 3D protocols to explain the mechanical details of this transition. This includes integration of the first undistorted embryological soft-tissue evidence for muscular arrangements in the transitioning jaw. Through vastly improving on conventional 2D approaches, the project will maintain Australia's leading position in the fast developing field of virtual biomechanics.
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University of New England
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University of New England