Students as partners: Reconceptualising the role of students in science degree program curriculum development (OLT Fellowship) (2015–2019)

Students are the intended beneficiaries of curriculum reform efforts but science students are rarely aware of the graduate learning outcomes framing their degree programs and struggle to make sense of these in terms of their future career plans. This fellowship will spotlight the beneficial roles of students as partners, for both students' own understanding of their graduate learning outcomes and academics' understanding of curriculum designed to build them. With the intended impact of strategic change, the diverse program of activities involve establishing a community of scholars, mapping national practices, piloting student-academic partnership activities in the context of The University of Queensland Bachelor of Science review, developing broadly applicable guiding principles for students as partners approaches with case studies, and facilitating national workshops. By linking with international experts and Australian peak bodies, the fellowship will spark and inform national debate on the role of students in curriculum development and will be used as a conduit to build national and international networks
Grant type:
OLT Teaching Fellowship
  • Associate Professor, Curriculum
    Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation
    Affiliate Academic
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Funded by:
Commonwealth Office for Learning and Teaching