Novel microwave processing of carbon nanotube/thermoplastic composites (2017–2020)

This project aims to develop a novel fabrication processes for carbon nano-tube (CNT) / thermoplastic composites. The method, with lab based `proof of concept¿, uses microwaves and overcomes problems of dispersion and aggregation of CNTs, which limit properties of the nano-composites. At lab scale, a 50% increase in stiffness of polypropylene and an increase in electrical conductivity with the addition of 0.5 wt% CNT has been demonstrated. This project will unravel mechanisms by which these outstanding property improvements are achieved and will scale up the process to industrial level. Outcomes will be economical lighter and stronger plastics for manufacturing applications such as rotational molding, transport and electronic packaging.
Grant type:
ARC Linkage Projects
  • Professor
    School of Chemical Engineering
    Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology
Funded by:
Australian Research Council