Genomic library infrastructure for ancient environmental samples (ARC LIEF grant administered by Griffith University) (2018–2019)

The dual Ancient DNA complex at Griffith University is the nation¿s leading facility for the recovery of complete ancient and historical genomes. The requested addition to the facility will comprise two liquid handling workstations, each being housed in separate self-contained ancient DNA laboratories. Together with dedicated high-throughput sequencing, this specialist facility will enable automated genome recovery from diverse environmental samples, without contamination risk. The Biomek® 4000 robots are ideal for this task and, with the industry-standard Illumina NextSeq 550 the new facility will enable many researchers to have unprecedented access to an ancient DNA complex and a high level of technical support.
Grant type:
Griffith University
  • Snr Lecturer in Palaeontology
    School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
    Faculty of Science
Funded by:
Griffith University