The Effect of Fines Particles on Production and Permeability of cbm Reservoirs (2006–2009)

Fine particles trapped within porous networks present critical problems for many industries. In the coalbed methane (cbm) industry, fines block gas pathways to the wells and lead to high maintenance costs in downstream equipment. This project aims to clarify the mechanisms of fines creation in cbm systems, how they migrate and collect within the reservoir. The outcome will be ways of reducing or alleviating production loss from fines. The project could provide a 5% improvement in producibility from cbm from reduced fines blocking in wells, which would result in an additional $1.8billion in gas revenues in Queensland alone. The downstream equipment maintenance costs from fines related damage could be reduced by up to $25m per year.'',
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ARC Linkage Projects
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    School of Chemical Engineering
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Australian Research Council