Constructing a temporally-constrained palaeoecological model of Quaternary faunal evolution and extinction in eastern Australia (2008–2010)

Debate over the extinction of Australia's late Quaternary large-sized terrestrial animals (megafauna) has become polarised in recent years, with the cause(s) traditionally pinned on either natural climate change or anthropogenic influences (e.g., over-hunting). Such controversy is partially due to the paucity of detailed fossil records with firm chronological control. This project will use a multidisciplinary approach to produce a reliable geochronological and palaeoecological framework for fossil records in eastern Australia. Results of this study will allow us to examine, with high precision, the fate of megafauna, their response to prehistoric environmental stresses, and the role of human and/or natural climate factors in extinction.
Grant type:
ARC Discovery Projects
  • Snr Lecturer in Palaeontology
    School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
    Faculty of Science
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Australian Research Council