Dr Keith Harris

Honorary Senior Research Fellow

School of Psychology
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences


Keith Harris earned his PhD at UQ, School of Psychology, in 2009. Since then, he has been lecturing and researching in Psychology and Public Health areas. He has worked at universities in Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, and Australia. Currently, Keith resides in Australia where he works on topics related to mental health, public health, testing, online behaviours, relationship development, and other interesting directions.

Research Interests

  • Online behaviors
    How do people use information technologies in relation to specific psychological needs? Dr Harris has led a series of studies examining how people develop interpersonal relationships online - resulting in the Online Relationship Initiation Scale (ORIS); and additional work on how suicidal people use the internet for suicide-related purposes. Related work has focused on suicide-related help-seeking, with a focus on online help-seeking. That has led to a revised version of the General Help-Seeking Scale (GHSQ-R).

Research Impacts

Dr Harris's work on assessment has led to two validated measures: the Suicidal Affect-Behavior-Cognition Scale (SABCS; Harris et al., 2015)), and the Online Relationship Initiation Scale (ORIS; Harris & Aboujaoude, 2016). work has contributed to improved assessment of suicide risk.

His continued pursuit in improving psychosocial assessment should result in improved abilities to evaluate psychopathology levels so that individuals can obtain appropriate care and treatment. His work has led to improved understanding of suicidality and related factors, and validated assessment of online relationship development. Other outputs include a randomised controlled trial (RCT) on possible negative affective reactions to suicide assessment (none were found; Harris & Goh, 2016). Online help-seeking for suicide was found to differ from offline help-seeking (Seward & Harris, 2016).

Dr Harris's work has resulted in a growing number of publications, and media attention. A key goal is to further disseminate important findings, such as improved mental health assessment, and further develop standards and ensure that they are better implemented.


  • Doctor of Philosopjy, The University of Queensland


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Book Chapter

  • Harris, Keith M. (2015). Life versus death: The suicidal mind, online. In Elias Aboujaoude and Vladan Starcevic (Ed.), Mental health in the digital age: grave dangers, great promise (pp. 135-151) New York, NY USA: Oxford Univerity Press.

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