Dr Lance Newey

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School of Business
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Dr Newey has pioneered a wellbeing approach to business and society. This framework assists leaders to integrate eight components of wellbeing: economic, environmental, social, cultural, physical, psychological, spiritual and material. Contemporary leadership in both business and society is seen to have to wrestle with competing tensions between these eight components. Dr Newey uses polarity leveraging as a way to assist leaders to create value across these eight components thus integrating businesses and societies to maximise wellbeing for their stakeholders. This integrated wellbeing model has been developed through a rigorous empirical research agenda and includes a number of conceptual papers laying out the core ideas, a measurement paper which specialises in how to measure wellbeing as well as field research. The field research has consisted of a large international study of the wellbeing beliefs and practices of leaders across Alaska, India and Norway as well as in-depth on-the-ground applied research with the City of Anchorage, Alaska. Included within the research is the study of how businesses and societies can successfully transition to wellbeing frameworks. Also included is a specialisation in circumstances of gridlock in societies where decision-making is characterized by polarization and lack of community investment. The research is currently being translated into a number of products including wellbeing frameworks for business and society as well as a wellbeing leadership development program for primary and secondary schools.

A passionate teacher, Dr Newey has won numerous internal University Teaching Awards as well as a prestigious National Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning. These awards were earned based on undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Social Entrepreneurship. Dr Newey innovated deep experiential learning experiences for students who are challenged to develop and execute with real stakeholders a social entrepreneurship model around a social issue of their choosing. These projects have addressed and made important contributions to issues including mental health, environmental sustainability, children with severe disabilities, homelessness, human trafficking and child services for victims of domestic violence.

In 2019, Dr Newey will launch his new course 'Entrepreneurial Leadership' which utilises insights from his groundbreaking research to develop a generation of leader able to deal with complex challenges as well as undertake ongoing personal development.

Research Impacts

Societal Impact

Dr Newey's wellbeing research is currently assisting the City of Anchorage, Alaska in two main ways:

1. Moving beyond patterns of decision-making gridlock across the sectors and organizations in the City;

2. The above is seen as a precursor to assisting the City towards wellbeing-based decision-making and goal-setting

This work is laying the foundation for wellbeing models that can be adopted by other businesses and societies.

Next Generation Impact

The research is being funded by a collaboration between local Brisbane primary and secondary schools. Research findings are entering research and development in the form of a wellbeing leadership training program for primary and secondary school age students. The vision is to develop a new generation of leader based on knowing how to synergise the eight components of wellbeing under study in the research.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Queensland
  • Bachelor of Business (Hons), Queensland University of Technology


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