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Bernard McKenna is an Associate Professor in the UQ Business School. Prior to his appointment in 2002 he was in QUT's Business Faculty for nine years.

His research interest include

(a) Applying Wisdom Principles to Management and Leadership;

(b) Sustainability De-Growth and Regenerativity creating new forms of political economy;

(c) Corporate Social Responsibility;

(d) Analysing discourse (how language creates and maintains particular realities and relationships) particularly in political and corporate rhetoric (eg, greenwashing).

He is currently supervising five PhD theses: The impact of rising Islamism on Indonesian women leaders; Developing values-based practice in a rules based organisation - Australian Defence Forces; Family Business Succession Planning in Nigeria; Whistleblowing in the Indonesian Accounting Profession; and A Class Based Understanding Of Public Sector Job Losses Due to Austerity Budgets.

Bernard is on the Editorial Board of Business Ethics: European Review; Management Communication Quarterly, Journal of Management and Communication, and the Journal of Technical Writing and Communication. He has successfully won and completed two ARC Linkage Grants: one dealt with the role of communication in community building by mining companies; the other was concerned with citizen involvement in public policy (waste management). He has also worked with the Queensland Police Force on leadership.

Bernard is also interested in working across cultures. He has presented research workshops in Indonesia, India, and Iran. Currently, he is collaborating with a number of Indian and Iranian academics particularly in wisdom and leadership.

Bernard is a highly respected teacher who uses innovative methods based on a pedagogy he has developed to enhance embodied virtuous leadership. He has produced a 10-lecture module for the Micro-Masters MOOC program, Leading in a Complex Environment, and has won a teaching award for Blended Learning. His teaching background covers leadership, communication theory, political communication, organisational communication, business and society, and business ethics at graduate and undergraduate levels.

Bernard is also active within the UQ community as an elected member of the Academic Board, Deputy Chair of the Faculty LNR Ethics Committee, member of Academic Board Standing Committee, and elected national representative to the Unisuper Consultative Committee.

He also frequently consults to the private and public sector.

Research Interests

  • Wisdom
    Philosophy of wisdom Wisdom in Management Measuring wisdom
  • Critical Theory
    Critical Discourse Theory Linguistics Discourse
  • Political Communication
  • Sustainability
    Degrowth Global Extinction

Research Impacts

Bernard has published 45 refereed journal articles and 31 book chapters, and he has been cited over 1800 times. He has a h-index of 23 (as of October 2019).

Bernard's major research interest for the past ten years has centred on Wisdom in Leadership and Organisations. From this research he has co-authored Managing Wisdom in the Knowledge Economy.(Routledge), as well as 16 book chapters and 18 journal articles. His most recent contribution was a chapter on Wisdom in Leadership in Glück & Sternberg's (2019) Cambridge Handbook of Wisdom. He is also profoundly concerned about global environmental sustainability.


  • Master of Philosophy, Griffith University
  • Bachelor of Arts, The University of Queensland
  • Diploma of Teaching, Queensland University of Technology
  • Bachelor of Education, Queensland University of Technology
  • Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Queensland


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  • Doctor Philosophy

  • Doctor Philosophy

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