Dr Sally Driml

Lecturer in Tourism Management

School of Business
Faculty of Business, Economics and Law
+61 7 334 60755


Dr Driml’s current research interests in tourism draw on a background in economics and environmental economics and experience in government in developing environmental policy and managing natural environments that are also tourism destinations. She is currently undertaking research on the economic impacts of protected areas and of wildlife attractions. Dr Driml has recently published on the economic value of tourism to national parks and on issues for tourism investment in Australia.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Australian National University
  • Master in Science, The University of Queensland
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours), Griffith University


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Book Chapter

  • Driml, Sally (2013). The economic value of national parks and protected areas as tourism attractions. In Clement A. Tisdell (Ed.), Handbook of Tourism Economics: Analysis, New Applications and Case Studies (pp. 871-884) Singapore, Singapore: World Scientific Publishing. doi:10.1142/9789814327084_0037

  • Ross, Helen, Driml, Sally and Zarezadeh, Zohreh (2012). Water allocation, social change and resilience. In John Quiggin, Thilak Mallawaarachchi and Sarah Chambers (Ed.), Water Policy Reform: Lessons in Sustainability from the Murray-Darling Basin (pp. 170-191) Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.

  • Driml, Sally (2000). Eco-tourism opportunities and threats. In Geoff McDonald and Marcus B. Lane (Ed.), Securing the wet tropics (pp. 200-218) Sydney: Federation Press.

Journal Article

Conference Publication

  • Driml, Sally, Martins, Antje, Milosavljevic, Filip, Moore, Stewart, Silva, Claudia Moreno, Robinson, Richard and Solnet, David (2019). Developing a Tourism Labour Barometer for the Asia-Pacific Region. In: Proceedings of the 29th Annual Conference CAUTHE 2019: Sustainability of Tourism, Hospitality & Events in a Disruptive Digital Age: Proceedings of the 29th Annual Conference, Central Queensland University, Cairns, Australia. ISBN: 978-0-9945141-4-1. CAUTHE 2019: Sustainability of Tourism, Hospitality & Events in a Disruptive Digital Age, Cairns, QLD, Australia, (560-563). 11-14 February 2019.

  • Driml, Sally and Rodrigues, Cristina Brittar (2017). Has sustainability disappeared from Australian strategic tourism plans?. In: Craig Lee, Sebastian Filep, Julia N Albrecht and Willem JL Coetzee, CAUTHE 2017: Time For Big Ideas? Re-thinking The Field For Tomorrow. CAUTHE 2017: Time For Big Ideas? Re-thinking The Field For Tomorrow, Dunedin, New Zealand, (779-783). 7-10 February 2017.

  • Rastegar, H., Driml, S. and Breakey, N. (2012). Does tourism development change local communities’ attitudes towards the environment?. In: 5th International Congress of Environmental Research (ICER-12), Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia, (). 22-24 November 2012.

  • Tkaczynski, Aaron, Driml, Sally, Robinson, Jacqueline and Dwyer, Larry (2010). Impediments to tourism investment: An Australian scoping study. In: Mark Orams, Michael Lück, Jill Poulston and Sharon Race, Proceedings of the New Zealand Tourism and Hospitality Research Conference 2010: Adding Value Through Research. New Zealand Tourism and Hospitality Research Conference, Auckland, New Zealand, (379-392). 24-26 November 2010.

  • Driml, Sally (2010). Tourism investment in Australia. In: Tourism Futures Eighth National Conference: Leaders Driving Innovation, Brisbane, Australia, (). 5-7 July 2010.

  • Driml, Sally, Clouston, Beth and Bortman, Amy (2009). Offsets the Queensland way: Development of the Queensland government Environmental Offsets Policy. In: Proceedings of: Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society. Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society, 53rd Conference 2009, Cairns, Australia, (1-8). 11-13 February, 2009.

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