Mr Peter Csurhes

Senior Research Officer

Royal Brisbane Clinical Unit
Faculty of Medicine
+61 7 334 66019



  • Bachelor of Science (Honours), The University of Queensland


  • Pender, Michael P., Csurhes, Peter A., Smith, Corey, Douglas, Nanette L., Neller, Michelle A., Matthews, Katherine K., Beagley, Leone, Rehan, Sweera, Crooks, Pauline, Hopkins, Tracey J., Blum, Stefan, Green, Kerryn A., Ioannides, Zara A., Swayne, Andrew, Aftab, Blake T., Hooper, Kaye D., Burrows, Scott R., Thompson, Kate M., Coulthard, Alan and Khanna, Rajiv (2018) Epstein-Barr virus–specific T cell therapy for progressive multiple sclerosis. JCI Insight, 3 22: . doi:10.1172/jci.insight.124714

  • Pender, Michael P., Csurhes, Peter A., Burrows, Jacqueline M. and Burrows, Scott R. (2017) Defective T-cell control of Epstein-Barr virus infection in multiple sclerosis. Clinical & Translational Immunology, 6 1: 1-17. doi:10.1038/cti.2016.87

  • Pender, M. P., Csurhes, P. A., Smith, C., Douglas, N. L., Neller, M. A., Beagley, L., Rehan, S., Hopkins, T. J., Thompson, K. M., Blum, S., Green, K. A., Ioannides, Z. A., Coulthard, A., Hooper, K. D., Burrows, S. R. and Khanna, R. (2017). Safety and clinical improvement in a phase I trial of autologous Epstein-Barr virus-specific T-cell therapy in patients with progressive multiple sclerosis. In: 7th Joint European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) Americas Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ACTRIMS), Paris, France, (401-401). 25-28 October 2017.

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