Dr Lachlan Rash

Senior Lecturer

School of Biomedical Sciences
Faculty of Medicine
+61 7 336 52745


Dr Rash completed his Honours (1996) and PhD (2001) on the pharmacological activity of spider venoms at the Department of Pharmacology, Monash University in the group of Professor Wayne Hodgson. After 18 months as an Assistant Lecturer at Monash Pharmacology, he was awarded an INSERM/NH&MRC Post-doctoral Fellowship to work in the group of Prof. Michel Lazdunski at the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology in Antibes, France. It was here that he became involved in discovery and characterisation of venom peptides that act on acid-sensing ion channels, voltage-gated sodium channels and other pain related channels. Upon returning to Australia to the Institute for Molecular Bioscience (The University of Queensland), he established an ASIC research program and was awarded an NH&MRC project grant as CIA to investigate the molecular basis of the interaction of PcTx1 and APETx2 with ASIC1a and ASIC3 respectively. Dr Rash was appointed as senior lecturer in Pharmacology in the School of Biomedical Sciences in early 2016 where he continues his research on identifying novel bioactive peptides from animal venoms, unravelling the molecular basis for their specific channel interactions and their use as research tools and potential therapeutic lead molecules.


  • Bachelor of Science, Monash University
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Monash University


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Book Chapter

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  • Geraghty, Dominic P. and Rash, Lachlan D. (2017). Preface. In Dominic P. Geraghty and Lachlan D. Rash (Ed.), Ion Channels DownUnder (pp. xi-xii) Cambridge, MA, United States: Academic Press. doi:10.1016/S1054-3589(17)30052-2

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  • Smith, Jennifer J., Lau, Carus Ho Yee, Herzig, Volker, Ikonomopoulou, Maria P., Rash, Lachlan D. and King, Glenn F. (2015). Therapeutic applications of spider-venom peptides. In Glenn F. King (Ed.), Venoms to Drugs: Venom as a Source for the Development of Human Therapeutics (pp. 221-244) Cambridge, United Kingdom: Royal Society of Chemistry.. doi:10.1039/9781849737876-00221

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