Dr Shiromani Basnayake

Research Fellow

Centre for Horticultural Science
Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation
+61 7 4783 8622



  • PhD, The University of Queensland


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  • Basnayake, S. W. V., Whisson, S., Drenth, A., Maclean, D. J. and Irwin, J. A. G. (2000). High resolution mapping of the candidate Avr4/6 locus in the genome of Phytophthora sojae. In: ComBio 2000 : combined conference abstracts : 44th Annual ASBMB, 40th Annual ASPP, Annual NZSBMB, 22nd Annual NZSPP. Combio 2000, Wellington, New Zealand, (18-2). 11-14 Dec, 2000.

  • Basnayake, S. W. V., Whisson, S., Drenth, A., Maclean, D. J. and Irwin, J. A. G. (1999). Isolation and characterization of avirulence genes from phytophthora sojae. In: Combined Conference Abstracts: 43rd Annual ASBMB, 18th Annual ANZSCDB and 39th Annual ASPP. ComBio 99, Conrad Jupiters, Gold Coast, (Sym-43-05). 27-30 September, 1999.

  • Hansom, S. P., Bower, R. S., Zhang, L., Potier, B. A., Elliott, A. R., Basnayake, S. W. V., Codeiro, G. M., Hogarth, D. M., Cox, M., Berding, N. and Birch, R. G. (1999). Regulation of transgene expression in sugarcane. In: Proceedings of the International Society of Sugarcane Technologists XXIII Congress. Proceedings of the Inter'l Soc of Sugarcane Technologists XXIII Congress, New Dehli, (22-22). February 1999.

  • Birch, R. G., Bower, R. S., Hansom, S. P., Basnayake, S. W., Zhang, L. and Elliott, A. R. (1999). Regulation of transgene expression: progress towards practical development in sugarcane, and implications for other plant species. In: A. Arencibia, Towards the Third Millennium: Proceedings of the International SYmposium on Plant Genetic Engineering. International Symposium on Plant Genetic Engineering, Havana, Cuba, (). 6-10 December 1999.