Dr Joost Cote

Honorary Senior Fellow

School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry
Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences


Joost Coté has taught Indonesian, Southeast Asian and Australian History and postgraduate Heritage Studies. His research centres on early twentieth century colonial Indonesia, focussing on discourses of colonial modernity and Indonesian cultural nationalism. He is recognised internationally for his English translations of the writing of Indonesian pioneer feminist, Raden Ajeng Kartini. He has been principal and associate supervisor and examiner of numerous doctoral dissertations. In 2002-2003 he was Regional Director of the Australian Consortium for In-Country Indonesian Studies (ACICIS) at Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta and is a regular visitor to various universities in Indonesia.

Research Interests

  • History and historiography of late colonial Indonesia
  • Colonial discourse and colonial modernity: urbanisation, education and architecture
  • R.A.Kartini and emerging discourses of Indonesian cultural nationalism
  • Origins of Indonesian heritage


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Book Chapter

  • Coté, Joost J. (2020). Colonial education: colonials and the colonized in “colonies of settlement” and “colonies of exploitation”. Handbook of historical studies in education: debates, tensions, and directions. (pp. 259-276) edited by Tanya Fitzgerald. Singapore, Singapore: Springer. doi: 10.1007/978-981-10-2362-0_17

  • Akagawa, Natsuko and Cote, Joost (2015). The Pacific war experience of Dutch Eurasian civilians in Java, 1942-1948. The Pacific War: Aftermaths, Remembrance and Culture. (pp. 110-132) edited by Christina Twomey and Ernest Koh. Abingdon, United Kingdom: Routledge.

  • Colombijn, Freek and Coté, Joost (2014). Modernization of the Indonesian city, 1920–1960. Cars, conduits, and kampongs: the modernization of the Indonesian city, 1920-1960. (pp. 1-26) edited by Freek Colombijn and Joost Coté. Boston, MA USA: Brill. doi: 10.1163/9789004280724_002

  • Coté, Joost (2014). Raden Ajeng Kartini and cultural nationalism in Java. Connecting histories of education: transnational and cross-cultural exchanges in (post)colonial education. (pp. 175-196) edited by Barnita Bagchi, Eckhardt Fuchs and Kate Rousmaniere. New York, NY USA: Berghahn Books.

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