Associate Professor Sue Vink

Principal Research Fellow

Centre for Water in the Minerals Industry
Sustainable Minerals Institute
+61 7 334 64074


My research is primarily aimed at quantifying the physical (including hydrological), geochemical and biological processes that control the distribution and cycling of elements at the earths surface. Quantitatively understanding the past and present processes controlling these biogeochemical cycles allows us to predict impacts of human perturbations, mitigate these impacts and design remediation or rehabilitation strategies.

My research interests include applications of isotopic and geochemical tracers in natural and mining systems to determine water balance, water sources, mixing and biogeochemical processes; water quality/quantity interactions in mineral processing and mine site water management; role/interactions of hydrological processes, geochemical reactions and biological processes controlling mine site water quality; and implications of mine site water and land management on surface water quality and ecosystem function and services.


  • PhD, University of Hawaii
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons), The University of Western Australia


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Book Chapter

  • Ryder, D. and Vink, S. (2007). Managing regulated flows and contaminant cycles in floodplain rivers. Salt, Nutrient, Sediment and Interactions: Findings from the National River Contaminants Program. (pp. 109-126) edited by Mortlock, A.. Australia: Land & Water Australia.

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