Dr David Hyland-Wood

Adjunct Associate Professor

School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology


Dr. David Hyland-Wood is a multi-disciplinary engineer based in Brisbane, Australia. He has contributed to the evolution of the World Wide Web since 1999, especially in the formation of standards and technologies for the Semantic Web. He has architected key aspects of the Web to include the Persistent Uniform Resource Locator (PURL) service and several Semantic Web databases and frameworks. He is currently astronautical entrepreneur at ConsenSys, the world's largest blockchain company, developing next generation blockchain solutions for space exploration.

Research Impacts

After generations of hierarchical thinking, the world has been shifting toward the more general graph data structures to represent the complexities of real-world relationships. My research has assisted the shift from relational databases to graph databases, and from crowd sourcing to distributed blockchain communities. Such research is naturally interdisciplinary and international, and comes with a detriment of being just a bit too far out in front of current social norms.


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