Dr Kathryn Hall

Adjunct Fellow

School of Biological Sciences
Faculty of Science



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  • Hall, Kathryn A., Sutcliffe, Patricia R., Hooper, John N. A., Alencar, Aline, Vacelet, Jean, Pisera, Andrzej, Folcher, Eric, Bourgeois, Bertrand, Butscher, John, Renaud, Armelle, Lerouvreur, Franck, Fleurisson, Dominique, Orempuller, Joel, Maihota, Nicolas, Levy, Peva, Hertrich, Lionel, Petek, Sylvain and Debitus, Cecile Sponges of Polynesia. Edited by Sylvain Petek and Cecile Debitus Papeete, French Polynesia: IRD, 2017.

Book Chapter

  • Hall, K. A. and Cribb, T. H. (2005). Family Gyliauchenidae Fukui, 1929. In A. Jones, R. A. Bray and D. I. Gibson (Ed.), Keys to the Trematoda: Volume 2 1st ed. (pp. 665-678) London: CAB International.

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