Dr Catherine Quinn

Research Fellow - Lives Lived Well

School of Psychology
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences

Affiliate Research Fellow

Centre for Youth Substance Abuse
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences


Major research themes include substance use, mental health and wellbeing, particularly in youth populations, which is evidenced by Dr Quinn being the lead investigator on 1) A purpose built website for counsellors delivering telehealth substance use treatment; 2) a longitudinal school-based project with over 2000 students, following students from Grade 7 to 12, examining social cognitive and peer factors associated with substance use, bullying, depression, anxiety and wellbeing; 3) a controlled trial, in partnership with Red Frogs, comparing the impact of three interventions on substance use, mental health and wellbeing 334 post-schoolies and O-week, as well as co-investigator for five randomized control trials (RCTs) focused on young people’s substance use, psychosis and wellbeing; an evaluation of the PTSD Coach Australia mobile application with the Department of Veterans Affairs and a project with YMCA, implementing a wellbeing program for disengaged youth.

In her current role, working with Lives Lived Well (LLW), a large drug and alcohol treatment service, Dr Quinn has assisted LLW to select and implement evidence-based screening tools for clients entering their service; has also worked with LLW staff to improve understanding of comorbid gambling in substance using populations; while also concurrently working on a controlled trial examining the efficacy of the Grit Wellbeing program for young people entering substance use treatment; and the development of a brief intervention that has the potential to be disseminated across their organisation for all clients entering the service. Dr Quinn has also been project managing QuikFix, a large randomized control implementation trial for 16-25 year olds with alcohol, cannabis or methamphetamine concerns, and has recently begun a project to examine the impact of organizational factors on implementation and client outcomes.

Research Interests

  • Youth substance use, bullying, wellbeing and mental health
  • Understanding the impact of peers and social networks on young people's substance use, mental ill-health and wellbeing
  • Determining effective ways to target social cognitive processes in substance use prevention and treatment
  • Understanding the impact of substance use and misuse on broader social networks, including families and friends
  • Understanding the characteristics of those who seek help from alcohol and other drug services


  • Doctor of Philosophy with Master of Clinical Psy, Macquarie University
  • Bachelor of Arts (HONS), Macquarie University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Macquarie University


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