Professor Jonathan Hill

Professor of Vet. Reproduction

School of Veterinary Science
Faculty of Science
+61 7 54601 970


Professor Hill is an innovator and highly regarded lecturer in the field of animal advanced reproductive technologies. His research spans testicular stem cell transplant, animal cloning and refinements to artificial breeding techniques. He has led highly successful, multidisciplinary research project teams that produced world firsts in animal cloning (at Texas A&M University in the USA) and in testicular (spermatogonial) stem cell transplant (at CSIRO in Australia). Professor Hill’s insights into the abnormalities of cloned pregnancies has led to improvements in neonatal viability and of refinements to the nuclear transfer technique. He applied the spermatogonial stem cell transplant technique developed in mice to sheep and cattle in rangeland Australian conditions.

In 2008, Jon joined UQ as Dean and Head of School during a transformational period when the Veterinary School relocated to newly constructed facilities at the UQ Gatton Campus and achieved global accreditation of the UQ veterinary program. Jon's academic training is as a reproductive physiologist, a veterinarian, and a specialist in animal reproduction. After graduating in 1985 from UQ, Jon enjoyed 10 years in private veterinary practice based in QLD and NSW, including 7 years as a partner in a 4 partner veterinary practice in central-western NSW. In 1995, Jon moved to College Station, Texas to undertake a Theriogenology residency and PhD at Texas A&M University. Jon’s research was in the field of cattle cloning and this research resulted in identification of the major causes of abnormalities in cloned animals and production of the world’s first calf cloned from an adult bull. In 1999 Jon moved to Ithaca, New York to become a tenure track Assistant Professor at Cornell University. In 2002 Jonathan was recruited from Cornel University to join CSIRO Livestock Industries as a Senior Research Scientist based at Armidale, NSW, and established the CSIRO Reproductive Technologies Laboratory.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Texas A\&M University
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours), The University of Queensland


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