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Originally from Chicago, by way of New Zealand, I've been working as a researcher and teacher at UQ since November 2017. I teach Multimedia in year one and Digital Project in year three, both of which heavily emphasize the creative and collaborative process as an avenue to enact social change. My research is in below the line labor in the creative industries. My first book The Aesthetics of TV Nostalgia (Bloomsbury, 2019) is an industry ethnography of the people working in the art departments of nostalgic US television programs, especially those foregrounding past golden eras in American history. You can find my other publications in Adaptation, Television & New Media, Feminist Media Studies, Cinema Journal, Continuum, and Convergence. My next book project expands my ethnography of creative labor. It looks at how urban planners, real estate workers and home stagers use media technologies to script our understandings of the ideal home, the ideal public space, and the ideal urban citizen.

Research Interests

  • Production Studies and Media Industry Studies
    Histories of production design and art direction, and below the line labor in the media industries broadly speaking
  • Gender Studies
    Media representations of gender, race, and sexuality
  • Creativity and Labor
    Social dynamics of teamwork and creative labor within the confines of corporate restrictions like brands, budget cuts, corporate hierarchies, notions of authorship, and institutional discrimination based on gender or race.

Research Impacts

As both a reseacher and teacher, I'm interested in the ways that people work creatively within instutional corporate environments. As such, my research offers high impact on shaping the kinds of institutional environments that must maintain productivity while also encouraging moments of change and individual and collective creative thinking. I often talk to people whose work is normally invisible or under-acknowledged by the popular media and scholarhsip, like the prop makers for television shows or the summer intern working at a costume warehouse in Hollywood. However the creative decisions of these individuals and teams have lasting impact on the media that we watch and love. I'm committed to highlighting the under-appreciated and hidden creative contributions of lesser known designers working in media production and hope to expand this tenant in my work on other sectors of creative labor.


  • Master of Arts, Northwestern University
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Northwestern University


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