Dr Johannes Zuegg

Senior Research Officer

Institute for Molecular Bioscience
+61 7 334 62994



  • Doctor of the Technical Studies, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz


  • Elliott, Alysha G., Huang, Johnny X., Neve, Søren, Zuegg, Johannes, Edwards, Ingrid A., Cain, Amy K., Boinett, Christine J., Barquist, Lars, Lundberg, Carina Vingsbo, Steen, Jason, Butler, Mark S., Mobli, Mehdi, Porter, Kaela M., Blaskovich, Mark A. T., Lociuro, Sergio, Strandh, Magnus and Cooper, Matthew A. (2020). An amphipathic peptide with antibiotic activity against multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria. Nature Communications, 11 (1) 3184, doi:10.1038/s41467-020-16950-x

  • Zuegg, Johannes, Hansford, Karl A., Elliott, Alysha G., Cooper, Matthew A. and Blaskovich, Mark A. T. (2020). How to stimulate and facilitate early stage antibiotic discovery. ACS Infectious Diseases, 6 (6) 1302-1304. doi:10.1021/acsinfecdis.0c00163

  • Frei, Angelo, Zuegg, Johannes, Elliott, Alysha G., Baker, Murray, Braese, Stefan, Brown, Christopher, Chen, Feng, Dowson, Christopher G., Dujardin, Gilles, Jung, Nicole, King, A. Paden, Mansour, Ahmed M., Massi, Massimiliano, Moat, John, Mohamed, Heba A., Renfrew, Anna K., Rutledge, Peter J., Sadler, Peter J., Todd, Matthew H., Willans, Charlotte E., Wilson, Justin J., Cooper, Matthew A. and Blaskovich, Mark A. T. (2020). Correction: Metal complexes as a promising source for new antibiotics (vol 11, pg 2627, 2020). Chemical Science, 11 (17) 4531-4531. doi:10.1039/d0sc90075c

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  • Tometzki, Gerald B., Meutermans, Wim, Becker, Bernd, Zuegg, Johannes, Premraj, Rajaratnam, Muldoon, Craig, Mckeveney, Declan and Condie, Glenn (2008). Selective Inhibitors. US 20080009418.

  • Meutermans, Wim, Mckeveney, Declan, Zuegg, Johannes, Premraj, Rajaratnam, Muldoon, Craig and Le Thanh, Giang (2007). Monosaccharide compounds as antibacterial agents and their preparation and use in the treatment of diseases.

  • Becker, Bernd, Condie, Glenn, Christopher, McKeveney, Declan, Meutermans, Wim, Muldoon, Craig, Premraj, Rajaratnam and Zuegg, Johannes (2006). Selective inhibitors. WO/2006/037159; PCT/AU2005/001510.

  • Becker, Bernd, Condie, Glenn, Halliday, Judy, McKeveney, Declan, Meutermans, Wim, Muldoon, Craig, Premraj, Rajaratnam, Ramsdale, Tracie Elizabeth, Tometzki, Gerald and Zuegg, Johannes (2005). Biologically active compounds with with anti-angiogenic properties. WO/2005/097142; PCT/AU2005/000506.

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