Dr Ayrton Soares Ribeiro

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

UQ Centre for Coal Seam Gas
Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology


Ayrton is completing a Post-Doc through The University of Queensland’s Energi Simulation Industrial Chair in Unconventional Onshore Gas Reservoir Modelling. The research chair is held by Professor Suzanne Hurter and is based at The University of Queensland Centre for Coal Seam Gas (UQ-CCSG). Ayrton’s research interests include reservoir simulation, reactive transport (dissolution of minerals), CO2 EOR and Storage, and multiphase flow in fractured media.

Ayrton recently completed a PhD in Petroleum Engineering (dual degree between Heriot-Watt University and UFPE). His research topic was Modelling of Geochemical Reactions during CO2 WAG Injection in Carbonate Reservoirs.

Research Interests

  • CO2 EOR and Storage
  • Reactive Transport
  • Multiphase flow in fractured media


  • Ribeiro, A. S., Mackay, E. J., Guimarães, L. J.N., Jordan, M. and Fellows, S. (2017). Scale risk management during CO2 WAG in carbonate formations. In: 19th European Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery: Sustainable IOR in a Low Oil Price World, Stavanger, Norway, (). 24-27 April 2017. doi:10.3997/2214-4609.201700302

  • Ribeiro, Ayrton S., Silva, Duarte, Mackay, Eric J. and Sorbie, Ken (2017). The impact of vapor/liquid-equilibria calculations on scale-prediction modeling. In: SPE International Oilfield Scale Conference and Exhibition, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom, (64-72). 11-12 May 2016.

  • Jin, Min, Ribeiro, Ayrton, Mackay, Eric, Guirriaraes, Leonardo and Bagudu, Usman (2016) Geochemical modelling of formation damage risk during CO2 injection in saline aquifers. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, 35 703-719. doi:10.1016/j.jngse.2016.08.030

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