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Associate Professor

School of Social Science
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Associate Professor Sarah Bennett is the Program Director, Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Queensland. Her research interests include evidence-based policing and practice, procedural justice and legitimacy, experimental criminology, and organisational practice. These interests are interwoven within three research aims to 1) advance the role of police and police training in improving outcomes for survivors, offenders and communities, 2) innovate and apply rigorous research methods in real world settings to inform policy and practice and 3) advance organisational facilitators and theories for effective practice. Sarah has significant and internationally unique expertise in delivering complex research projects with translational benefits to improve policing practice in the UK and Australia. Sarah is a Fellow of the Academy of Experimental Criminology (AEC). Sarah is invested in strong partnerships with industry to facilitate measurable and meaningful research outcomes.

Research Interests

  • Legitimacy and policing
  • Experimental criminology
  • Criminal careers
  • Restorative justice
  • Vulnerable communities
  • Crime prevention
  • Child protection


  • MPhil, University of Cambridge
  • Bachelor of Arts, Scripps College
  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Cambridge


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Book Chapter

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