Dr Mike Zuber

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences



  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Amsterdam


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Book Chapter

  • Zuber, Mike A. (2019). Jacob Böhme and alchemy: a transmutation in three stages. In Bo Andersson, Lucinda Martin, Leigh T.I. Penman and Andrew Weeks (Ed.), Jacob Böhme and his world (pp. 262-285) Leiden, Netherlands: Brill Academic Publishers. doi:10.1163/9789004385092_012

  • Zuber, Mike A. (2019). Surely born-again Christianity has nothing to do with occult stuff like alchemy?. In Wouter J. Hanegraaff, Peter J. Forshaw and Marco Pasi (Ed.), Hermes explains: thirty questions about Western esotericism (pp. 252-260) Amsterdam, Netherlands: Amsterdam University Press.

  • Martin, Lucinda, Muratori, Cecilia, Penman, Leigh T.I. and Zuber, Mike (2019). The diffusion of Böhme's thought. In Claudia Brink, Lucinda Martin and Cecilia Muratori (Ed.), Light in darkness: the mystical philosophy of Jacob Böhme (pp. 124-146) Dresden, Germany: Sandstein Verlag.

  • Zuber, Mike A. (2018). Ésoterisme. In Willem Frijhoff and Catherine Secretan (Ed.), Dictionnaire des Pays-Bas au Siècle d'Or: les Provinces-Unies de l'Union d'Utrecht à la Paix d'Utrecht (pp. 241-243) Paris, France: CNRS Editions.

  • Zuber, Mike A. (2017). Theosophische Spekulation und erbauliche Frömmigkeit: Jacob Böhme, die neue Wiedergeburt und ihre Alchemisierung. In Claudia Brink and Lucinda Martin (Ed.), Grund und Ungrund: der Kosmos des mystischen Philosophen Jacob Böhme (pp. 114-129) Dresden, Germany: Sandstein Verlag.

  • Zuber, Mike A. (2015). Johann Jacob Zimmermann and God's two books: Copernican cosmology in Lutheran Germany around 1700. In David Beck (Ed.), Knowing nature in early modern Europe (pp. 83-99) London, United Kingdom: Pickering & Chatto.

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