Dr Anita Heiss

Professor of Communications

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Unit
+61 7 336 56712



  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Western Sydney


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Book Chapter

  • Heiss, Anita (2019). Introduction to Charmaine Papertalk Green’s Nganajungu Yagu. Nganajungu Yagu. (pp. 1-2) Melbourne, VIC Australia: Cordite.

  • Heiss, Anita (2015). Not all writers began as readers. The simple act of reading. (pp. 99-109) edited by Debra Adelaide. North Sydney, NSW Australia: Random House.

  • Heiss, Anita (2013). Am I Black Enough for You? (excerpt). Ora Nui: A collection of Maori and Aboriginal Literature. (pp. 61-67) edited by Anton Blank and Kerry Reed-Gilbert. Auckland, New Zealand: Anton\Blank#Limited.

  • Heiss, Anita (2008). Aboriginal Children's Literature: More than pretty pictures. Just Words? Australian authors writing for justice. (pp. 102-117) edited by Bernadette Brennan. St Lucia, QLD Australia: UQP.

  • Heiss, Anita (2007). Indigenous book publishing. Making Books: Contemporary Australian Publishing. (pp. 255-265) edited by David Carter and Anne Galligan. St Lucia, QLD Australia: UQP.

  • Heiss, Anita (2005). O is for o-literature. The Ideas Book. (pp. 170-178) edited by Dale Spender and Phillip Adams. Brisbane, QLD Australia: UQP.

  • Heiss, Anita (2001). Aboriginal Identity and Its Effects on Writing. (Ad)ressing Our Words: Aboriginal Perspectives on Aboriginal Literatures. (pp. 205-232) edited by Armand Garnet Ruffi. Penticton, BC Canada: Theytus Books.

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