Miss Kathryn Markey

Research Officer

School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Faculty of Science
+61 7 334 67405


Kathryn's research and work have focussed on coral reef ecology, coral ecotoxicology, larval dispersal, and reef monitoring, as well as fisheries management. Her recent projects at UQ have been on the XL Catlin Seaview Survey team, where she worked on the Great Barrier Reef, Indonesia, the Philipines and Taiwan. Currently she is working on the Allen Coral Atlas project, and the Great Barrier Reef Mapping Project within the Remote Sensing Research Centre, where she aranges the logistics, collects field data, and utilises her reef ecology background to train an Automated Image Annotation program to identify benthos on Geo-referenced photos collected around the world. The Allen Coral Atlas aims to create the first consistent geomorphic and benthic map of the coral reefs of the world, utilising satelite imagery, field knowledge, geo-referenced benthic photos, and cloud processing on Google Earth Engine.

Research Impacts

The projects Kathryn has been working on at the University of Queensland have global impact, and are focused on both increasing awareness of the current state of the worlds coral reefs, as well as providing invaluable tools to allow the sharing of data between countries, and improving conservation and reef management planning.


  • Bachelor of Science (Honours), JCU


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Journal Article

  • Gonzalez Rivero, Manuel, Oscar Beijbom, Erwin Alberto Rodriguez-Ramirez, Dominic Bryant, Anjani Ganase, Gonzalez-Marrero, Yeray, Herrera-Reveles, Ana, Emma Kennedy, Catherine Kim, Sebastian Lopez Marcano, Kathryn Markey, Benjamin Neal, Osborne, Kate, Reyes-Nivia, Catalina, Nijgh de Sampayo, Eugenia , Kristin Stolberg, Abbie Taylor, Julie Vercelloni, Wyatt, Mathew and Hoegh-Guldberg, Ian Ove (2020) Monitoring of coral reefs using artificial intelligence: a feasible and cost-effective approach. Remote Sensing, 12 3: 489.doi:10.3390/rs12030489

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