Associate Professor Calvin Smith

Academic Lead for Staff Development

Office of Medical Education
Faculty of Medicine
+61 7 336 55480


Calvin Smith, BA(Hons), GCertHEd, PhD is Associate Professor and Academic Lead for Professional Development in the Office of Medical Education, at The University of Queensland. His research focuses primarily on theorising the impact of aspects of work-integrated learning curriculum on student learning and the development of employability with a particular focus on integrative learning, employability skills, lifelong learning and professional identity formation. The recipient of multiple internal and external research and development grants exceeding $1 million, Calvin’s work has emphasized the importance of clarity in conceptualisation and oprationalization of constructs, and the use of appropriate research designs to answer useful questions about curricula. Calvin was Chief Investigator and Chief Investigator on the ALTC/OLT project Measuring The Impact Of WIL On Employability (2012-2014). Prior to that he was a co-leader of the OLT project Measuring and Reporting Teaching Quality (2010-2012), led an ALTC Extension Grant Project focused on student employability (2011) and was co-lead on The National GAP project (2008-2009).

Research Interests

  • Curriculum design and student learning
    The impact of different curriculum designs student learning outcomes
  • Learning alliance
    The impact of the learning alliance between teacher and student, on student learning and experience
  • Professional development in the facilitation of student learning
    The study of innovation in the development of the ability of clinicians and academicians to effectively facilitate student learning

Research Impacts

The research A/Prof Smith conducts is classified as "foundational" meaning that it contributes the knowledge-base used by others to design their curricula, or to develop quality-enhancing systems that address questions of the quality of the teaching and learning culture of an organisation or the practices of individual teachers. He has conducted influential research and development activities in the areas of student evaluation of teaching, systems that link professional development to evaluation results, peer review of teaching practice, student assessment literacy, and work-integrated learning curriculum design, among others.


  • Graduate Certificate in Education, The University of Queensland
  • Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Queensland
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours), The University of Queensland


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