Dr Stephen Townsend

Associate Lecturer in Socio-Cultura

School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences


Stephen Townsend is an associate lecturer in sport sociocultural studies with the School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences. Stephen joined HMNS in 2019 after completing his PhD in Sport History. His current research interrogates the ways that racial, religious, gendered, and political ideologies are transmitted through sports media. He has published widely in academic journals and books. His recent publications have examined press attitudes toward boxer Muhammad Ali during the civil rights era. His teaching and research interests span multiple spheres of sport and culture, as he seeks to critically understand the ways that people have historically constructed and transmitted meaning through sport and physical activity.

Research Impacts

Stephen's research engages with race, religion, politics, protest, and press discourses. His work critically analyses the ways that press outlets both reflect and shape cultural attitudes toward athletes. By exmaining press atittudes toward arguably the most culturally significant athlete of the 20th century, Stephen's research helps us to better understand the relationship between the public, the press, and sportspeople. His research also incorporates digital tools and methodologies. His use of digital tools, methodologies, and visualistions not only has significant implications for practitioners of history but also for members of public searching for new and more engaging ways to consume historical narratives.


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