Associate Professor RCN Rachaputi

Principal Research Fellow

Centre for Crop Science
Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation
+61 7 535 15093


Research Interests

  • Crop physiology and agronomy of grain legume crops


  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Master of Agricultural Studies, Rani Durgavati Vishwavidyalaya
  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University


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Book Chapter

  • Rachaputi, Rao C. N., Wright, G. C. and Lee, N. Alice (2016). Peanut: a friend or a foe?. In N. Alice Lee, Graeme C. Wright and Rao C. N. Rachaputi (Ed.), Peanut: bio-actives and allergens (pp. 1-5) Lancaster, PA, USA: DEStech Publications.

  • Rachaputi, R.C.N and Wright, G. (2016). Peanuts: overview. In Colin W. Wrigley, Harold Corke and Jon Faubion (Ed.), Encyclopedia of food grains 2nd edition ed. (pp. 334-340) Kidlington, Oxford, United Kingdom: Academic Press.

  • Kakani, V. G., Wheeler, T. R., Craufurd, P. Q. and Rachaputi, R. C. N. (2015). Effect of high temperature and water stress on groundnuts under field conditions. In Ramamurthy Mahalingam (Ed.), Combined stresses in plants: physiological, molecular, and biochemical aspects (pp. 159-180) Switzerland: Springer International Publishing. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-07899-1_8

  • Rachaputi, R. C.N. and Wright, G. (2015). Peanuts: overview. In Colin Wrigley, Harold Corke, Koushik Seetharaman and Jon Faubion (Ed.), Encyclopedia of food grains Second edition ed. (pp. 334-340) Kidlington, Oxford, United Kingdom: Elsevier. doi:10.1016/B978-0-12-394437-5.00038-3

  • Nageswara Rao, R. C., Sheshshayee, M. S., Karaba, N. Nataraja, Sreevathsa, Rohini, Rama, N., Kumaraswamy, S., Prasad, T. G. and Udayakumar, M. (2012). Groundnut: Genetic Approaches to Enhance Adaptation of Groundnut (Arachis Hypogaea, L.) to Drought. In Narendra Tuteja, Sarvajeet Singh Gill and Renu Tuteja (Ed.), Improving Crop Productivity in Sustainable Agriculture (pp. 303-359) Weinheim, Gemany: Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA. doi:10.1002/9783527665334.ch14

Journal Article

Conference Publication

  • Kandala, V. K. and Rachaputi, Rao C. N. (2014). Capacitance sensor for nondestructive determination of total oil content in peanut kernels. In: American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Annual International Meeting 2014, ASABE 2014, Montreal, Canada, (2617-2625). 13-16 July 2014.

  • Chauhan, Y. S., Wright, G. C. and Rachaputi, N. C. (2008). Modelling climatic risks of aflatoxin contamination in maize. In: Liz Humphreys, Water to gold: Maize Association of Australia 6th Triennial Conference proceedings. 6th Triennial Conference of the Maize Association of Australia, Griffith, Qld., Australia, (358-366). February 2006. doi:10.1071/EA06101

  • Manda, A., Bodapati, P.N., Rachaputi, N.C., Wright, G. and Fukai, S. (2004). Aflatoxins and their relationship with sugars in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.). In: T. Fischer, New Directions for a Diverse Planet: Proceedings for the 4th International Crop Science Congress. 4th International Crop Science Congress, Brisbane, Convention Centre, (1-5). 26 September - 1 October 2004.

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